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In 1858 two businessmen Daniel Milberg and Victor Engström founded  in Hamburg the Shipbroking company “Milberg & Engström”. But already in 1869 Victor Engström decided to leave the joint held company and as from this time Daniel Milberg headed the company solely in his own name.

Main activity of Daniel Milberg was initially the transportation of commodities to and from Scandinavia,  but the activities were gradually expanded also to cover Sale and Purchase of Ships – first transactions registered already in 1899,  Clearance agency for the emigrant Passenger Vessels and later as port agency  the first Passenger Cruise Vessels calling the port of Hamburg.

The first Liner Service Agencies were added to the activities of the company being the result of the continuously expanding international trade and  in 1905 Daniel Milberg even decided to test his luck as a Shipowner with the acquisition of MV “Carl Levers” and 1906 the MS “Auguste Levers”  in order carry out transportations under own flag and name – a decision which turned out not as successful and profitable as it should have been.

Indeed more successful was the acquisition of the agency in 1910 for the “Norwegian America Line” (NAL) which started up the Liner Service to East Africa and the Indian Ocean and expanded with the “Oranje Lijn” to Canada and other lines servising Spain, West Africa and United States of America. In the 1970’s the NAL Passenger Cruise vessels MS “Sagafjord” and MS “Vistafjord” were successfully introduced by Daniel Milberg to the german cruise Market with regular calls to Hamburg.

The following years – with ups and downs – proved to be very exciting and  challenging with the British CUNARD Line – owners of the legendary “Queen Elizabeth 2” – taking over in 1980’s the NAL Cruise division which surely was an important and profitable happening for Daniel Milberg’s growing success in the German Cruise Business. A welcome factor compensating for the declining agency activities caused by the general global changes in the Liner Service Agency Business.

Beside of Sale and Purchase of Ships, the Cruise Business remained an important field of the activities until end of 1990’s when Daniel Milberg and CUNARD Line parted after the take over by Carnival Cooperation having their own structures globally.

Today the main activities and strength of Daniel Milberg remain the Sale and Purchase of Ships and New buildings, project-orionted Chartering as well  evaluation of Ships.